Go Bare Yoga

At Go Bare Yoga we believe that the act of practicing yoga without the addition or restriction of clothing can be both liberating and nurturing. We are about our yoga. Our goal is to create a safe place where people can explore their practice and their relationship to their body.

Is this just another fad?
No, Naked yoga has been around for well over 2000 years, possibly as long as yoga has been around. 

“A person in the renounced order of life may try to avoid even a dress to cover himself. If he wears anything at all, it should be only a loincloth, and when there is no necessity, a sannyāsī should not even accept a daṇḍa. A sannyāsī should avoid carrying anything but a daṇḍa and kamaṇḍalu.” —Bhagavata Purana

There was a reemergence in western culture with the hippie movement in the 1960’s and popularity grew from there. While we aren’t renounced there is something to be said for the phycological benefits of the practice.

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