BLU Collective

BLU Collective is an innovative holding company with strategic investments that bring balance, freedom and enrichment to the lives of its customers. Conceived in 2011 by renowned yogi, author and spiritual guide Siri Shiva Yogiji, BLU Collective was founded in 2013 and seeks to bring exquisite balance to the interrelated worlds of spiritual development, lifestyle and events.  Guided by ‘s unique vision, BLU Collective acquires, develops and manages exceptional projects through its specialized operating divisions – Spiritual Development; Restaurants & Nightlife; and Events.

“I believe in a world with more smiles, more friendly gestures, more acceptance and simply more love. – This is why I made feeling good my business. When people feel good as a fundamental state of being instead of the “fake it until you make it”  mentality, the whole game of life changes.” ~Siri Shiva, Founder

Our goal is to educate and inspire you so you know how to improve your physical and mental well-being, naturally and effectively. The outcome, a “feel good” life you love. 



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